The Organizing Universities

NIME 2023 is organized by:

UAM-Lerma, located in Lerma, State of Mexico which has a bachelor's degree program in Digital Arts & Communication. It is part of UAM, a public university with campuses in the State of Mexico and Mexico City.

Tecnológico de Monterrey, State of Mexico, located in Atizapán, State of Mexico, which has a bacherlor's degree program in Music Production & Technology. It is part of Tecnológico de Monterrey, the biggest private university in Mexico with 26 campuses.

UNAM, the biggest public university in Mexico, which has Master & Phd programs in Music Technology.

The Hosting City & Venues

Greater Mexico City is formed by Mexico City, 60 municipalities from the State of Mexico and one from the state of Hidalgo. Greater Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in Mexico and the area with the highest population density. As of 2020, 21,804,515 people live in this urban agglomeration, of which 9,209,944 live in Mexico City proper.

NIME 2023 will take place at Casa del Lago (UNAM) and Centro de Cultura Digital, which are at a walking distance inside Chapultepec Forest, quite near Mexico City's center.

THE THEME: Frugal Music Innovation

Since the early years of the foundation of Mexico-Tenochtitlan around 1325, the Mexicas or Aztecs increased the amount of cultivable land by the use of Chinampas, artificial islands that were created by interweaving reeds with stakes beneath the lake's surface, creating underwater fences. This attitude of solving problems with the available resources became common among Mexico City's inhabitants after the different floodings, pandemics, wars and economic crisis that have hit the city along its history. That is probably why the Hacker & Maker movements have been well-received by Mexican young generations.

Because of this, the selection of FRUGAL MUSIC INNOVATION as the Theme for NIME 2023 is an invitation to all researchers, technologists, musicians, artists and people with a cross-disciplinary background worldwide to show how innovation can be possible and replicable by anybody (and ideally by everybody) with resources that can be easily affordable and available, and that this frugal innovation can also be possible in the creation of New Interfaces for Musical Expression.