NIME 2023 invites submission of proposals that showcase New Interfaces for Musical Expression in performance and composition. We look forward to receiving submissions that expand and reshape our understanding of NIME in the conceptualization, performance, and perception of music. We encourage authors to consider this year's conference theme Frugal Music Innovation in their works.

Typical NIME performance pieces last for 5-15 minutes, however, proposals for shorter or longer performances will also be accepted. Submissions can be for existing works as well as proposals for new ones.We highly welcome submissions from authors from under-represented communities along the lines of race, sex, gender, gender identity, age, ability, socio-economic background or status in and outside of academia.

If a music submission is selected for performance at NIME, proposing artists are expected to be available to perform their work on any day of the conference. The NIME 2023 organization is unable to consider requests for musical performances to happen on specific days.

Please contact the music chairs with any questions regarding the suitability of a potential NIME performance submission.

Submission Guide:

This year we are not using PubPub (here is why). Instead we are going back to the previous NIME proceedings LaTeX and Word templates. To submit a music piece to NIME 2023, please follow these steps:

Templates (LaTeX and Word files for Paper and Music Proceedings)

Submission portal

Music Review Process

Given the nature of music submissions, we understand that full anonymity may be difficult to achieve without compromising the supporting material. However, contributors should meet these basic criteria of anonymization:

The review process is as follows:

Presentation Format

The presentation format will depend on the author’s location and their ability to travel to Mexico. If the author / performer is located outside of Mexico and can not travel to Mexico City, they will be asked to either prepare a prerecorded video or a live stream of their performance, which will be made publicly available. If the author / performer is located in Mexico or is able to travel to Mexico City for the conference dates, an in-person concert at a venue in Mexico City will be scheduled, which will be publicly live streamed and recorded.