NIME 2023 welcomes the submission of Workshop Proposals. We encourage authors to consider this year's conference theme Frugal Music Innovation in their works. Workshops may be in any area of NIME themes or topics. Typical NIME workshops have been half-day or full-day workshops, with some specialized workshops with shorter times (one or two hours).

A workshop submission includes:

  • Workshop Title

  • Speaker List: Include Workshop organizer(s) with short bio(s) up to 200 words including background relating to proposed topic, and affiliation and contact information. Include additional speakers name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information.

  • Workshop Description up to 750 words, clearly describing the topic and nature of the workshop.

  • Short Description up to 70 words, for conference program.

  • Preferred length of workshop (half-day, full-day, or number of hours).

  • Description of technical and space requirements (e.g. projector, speakers, computers, soldering equipment, etc.), Please include information on contingencies for in-person, virtual, and blended modes, and whether virtual and blended formats are possible for this Workshop.

  • Optional links to supporting audio, visual, and/or online documentation, e.g. a workshop web page. Any media materials should use an unrestricted streaming service such as Vimeo or Bilibili.

Submission Guide:

This year we are not using PubPub (here is why). Instead we are going back to the previous NIME proceedings LaTeX and Word templates. To submit a workshop proposal to NIME 2023, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the templates. Make sure you use the Paper Proceedings template for your Workshop submission.

  2. Export your paper in PDF format.

  3. Upload the PDF to the CMT, NIME2023's conference management system.

Templates (LaTeX and Word files for Paper and Music Proceedings)

Submission portal

Workshop Review Process:

Workshops will be curated by the Workshop co-chairs and associated review committee, based on the Workshop proposal’s relevance to the NIME conference and conference theme, and feasibility. As a result, the feedback on these curated acceptances and rejections will be limited. Workshop proposal submissions are not anonymized.