This year, we are delighted to bring an Open Jack event to finalize the conference.

We aim to run it in the original format laid out in 2007 as part of the Sonorities Festival Belfast.

Analogue to common "open mic" events at traditional venues, an open jack is an open forum for musicians and audiences interested in electronic music. From known personalities to local electronic music enthusiasts, an open jack is for all to join, jam, improvise and share music making in real-time.

The idea is simple

Electronic Art Music lives outside academia, open jack is all about the music. No prizes, no awards, no recognition, no building up your CV, no 3 pages program notes explaining why anyone SHOULD like a performance or piece, no bringing your rehearsed stuff, no overthought over-structured compositions, no theories behind. Just live improvisation in a collective environment following the groove of the night.

 Rules are straightforward

At this stage, we are asking for an expression of interest so that we can arrange interesting combinations of musicians that might not have played together before, whilst keeping it open for local musicians and/or audience members to jump in and join the fun.